Total Health Orange is a professional health clinic offering high-quality services to clients, young and old alike.

We are a team of experienced Occupational Therapists with the support of Occupational Therapy Assistants. We are also lucky enough to have visiting health practitioners to provide additional services from our practice.

As Occupational Therapist’s we are passionate about working collaboratively with our clients and their families to establish goals and to ensure these goals remain the priority of our therapy. All of our therapies are backed by the latest research to ensure the fastest possible results.

We love to continue learning to ensure you have access to the best therapies available. We believe it is essential to work with other health practitioners or caregivers involved in your care to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Please be advised that no referral is required to make an appointment at Total Health Orange. Occupational Therapy is recognised by most health funds, and Medicare rebates may be available to some if a referral is included in your GP Care Plan. Plan and Self Managed NDIS plans are also welcome. Please note Agency Managed NDIS plans are not accepted.

We do ask that you bring any relevant reports or information with you to your first appointment.